AR Markers DOwnload

To sync your models to the existing job site environment, download the ICT Tracker AR Markers. The more points of reference you have, the better the tool will perform.

View Recommended paper for AR Markers.

Getting Started

Everything you need to get started with ICT Tracker.

  • Systems Requirements

  • How to Download the ICT Tracker App

  • What you need to know before uploading files and models

  • Account login Info for ICT Tracker

  • User Guide

  • Download AU Reference Markers

  • How to contact help for support issues

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ICT Tracker Hanger/Support Installation and Productivity Tracking

Your company models and prefabs your hangers/supports, but do you track installation?.... Why Not? Installation status and productivity tracking of hanger and seismic supports is usually overlooked as it is tedious and time consuming to identify and generate from a paper drawing or PDF file.

ICT Tracker Free Flight Selection

Demonstration of ICT Tracker Free Flight mode to allow users to quickly and simply select install job site elements and get real-time status update.

ICT Tracker and Bluebeam Studio

So why do you use Bluebeam for installation tracking? Well a couple of good reasons 1) It allows you to do linear size range/system markups to expedite the takeoff of installation status vs the old paper drawings and a scale 2) You can locate the file on the network or better yet Bluebeam Studio to easily share the status Makes sense, but...


Articles & White Papers

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White Paper: Impact of Productivity in Construction

There is sound evidence, based on research by Dodge Data & Analytics and McKinsey & Company, demonstrating that more than half of construction projects finish late and are over budget. There is a distinct correlation between the level of digitalization in construction and its productivity growth. Read our complete white paper here.