Do you need more visibility into your construction projects completion status?

Are you receiving accurate, and timely updates from a contractor team you can trust?

Do you have the data to prevent you from overpaying on a project?

The problems and needs that owners and their representatives have in the industry

  1. Lack of time and information makes it hard for owners to manage on-site quality and validate progress across multiple projects.

  2. Owners need to trust the completion status of a project prior to making payouts to contractors.

  3. Owners need projects to be completed on time and within budget.

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What value can ICT Tracker provide to owners and owner representatives?

With ICT Tracker, owners now have visibility into all projects with real-time, 3D graphics and illustrations based on the coordination models. Knowing the status of each project, owners have more confidence in the efficiency and accuracy of each project. When projects are running smoothly, on schedule, and as estimated, the risk of payouts based on inaccurate data is eliminated. Owners can rest easy knowing they are holding their team accountable with real-time status updates.

What is the long-term benefit?

  • Increased control to resolve performance issues early in the project

  • Increased confidence that the project is on schedule and on budget

  • Security in knowing that all trades are held accountable and performing as expected


ICT Tracker Features


Real-Time Reports

Exportable, real-time reporting of systems to be installed, percentage of work completed, tracking budget, and productivity by linear feet and time.


Minimum Training

ICT Tracker is easy-to-use and quick to implement into any project.


Broad Access

Accessible for large, medium, and small contractors


69% of owners say poor contractor performance is the single biggest reason for their project underperformance. With data you can trust and visibility into real-time job site productivity, you can realize the benefits from increased labor productivity, helping projects come in on time and on budget.