WEBINAR: Using Augmented Reality to Track and Improve Labor Productivity

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November 14, 2019 @ 2 PM EST

Loss of labor productivity on any job is a loss of project control — resulting in increased costs, broken schedules and decreased profitability. In this special webinar, presented by ICT Tracker, learn how to utilize the power of augmented reality to track project installation for better scheduling, billing and project estimation.

The process starts at your fingertips. The ICT Tracker mobile app replaces manual and expensive 3D scanning systems by digitizing the collection of data on site. Users can view 3D design models on an iPad and compare it against as-built systems onsite, which gives contractors real-time data to track, measure, and improve project installation productivity.

Data can be shared immediately with all stakeholders for better decisions based on detailed, up-to-date information, which makes the software ideal for tracking mechanical, plumbing, electric, and fire protection systems.


  • David Francis, Co-Founder and CTO of ICT

  • Don DeGuzman, Corporate BIM Director, Silicon Valley Mechanical, Inc.