Are you still tracking job site productivity using a paper-based method?

Do you have visibility into the productivity across all projects and teams?

Are you able to accurately project percent of completion on your projects?

The problems and needs that MEP&F Operations Manager subcontractors have in the industry

  1. Manual or no on-site installation productivity tracking impacts the ability to forecast project status and completion as it relates to labor and budget.

  2. An increasingly competitive marketplace requires you to better understand your project costs to complete status.

  3. Lack of real-time productivity tracking prevents early identification of labor or field conditions and impacts project schedule and billing.

  4. Need accurate “percent complete” status in relation to the schedule of values for billing.

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What value can ICT Tracker provide MEP&F Operations Manager subcontractors?

ICT Tracker helps Operations Managers provide real-time visibility into job site productivity with detailed information on a project’s status to avoid missed schedules, job overruns, or resource issues. With the ability to identify and resolve productivity and job site labor issues as they occur, less money is wasted by knowing subcontractors are performing as expected and not causing project overruns. ICT Tracker can integrate data into existing PM costing or ERP software allowing Operations Managers to communicate the status of project quality and schedules to all stakeholders.

What is the long-term benefit?

  • Increase customer relations with better projections of completion and more accurate estimates

  • Manage team accountability and identify field talent and issues early on in the project

  • Improved construction project planning and accurate completion of project billings


ICT Tracker Features


Real-Time Reports

Exportable, real-time reporting of systems.


Upload Existing Project Files

Utilize existing project contract design or construction models.


Autodesk BIM 360

Integrate Autodesk BIM 360 for modeling and other data references.


Ease of Use

Incredibly easy to use for non-technical end user.


Monitor Labor Performance

Accessible and accurate data on the work performed.


Built for Mobility

Works with the Apple iPad for a truly mobile experience.


Over 50% of construction professionals report having underperforming projects in the previous year. With data you can trust and visibility into real-time job site productivity, you gain a desirable mix of quality structures at a lower cost for owners, wider margins for contractors, and higher wages for workers.