Are you finding it difficult to provide accurate estimates based on past job site performance?

Are you coming in over-bid, due to lack of accurate information when making estimates?

Are you able to keep up with the number of estimates needed to stay competitive?

The problems and needs that MEP&F estimators face in the industry

  1. An increasingly competitive marketplace requires accurate bids to win work and still make a profit.

  2. Lack of accurate and detailed installation productivity rates can have an adverse effect on project bidding.

  3. Lack of insight into job site performance impacts the accuracy and timeliness of bidding on desired projects.

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What value can ICT Tracker provide MEP&F estimators?

ICT Tracker increases the accuracy of project estimates for subcontractors and minimizes the risk of underbidding on projects. Relying on historical data that may be incorrect can risk the accuracy of future bids. ICT Tracker provides visibility into job site performance allowing estimators to monitor project schedules and make more informed competitive bids in the future; allowing them to win more work and increase their profit margins by completing work on time and on budget.

What is the long-term benefit?

  • Reduced risk of underbidding due to inaccurate job site performance data

  • Increased profit margins by increasing your capability to produce competitive bids

  • Implementing a successful process to maximize resources and complete projects on time and within budget


ICT Tracker Features


Upload Existing Project Files

Utilize existing project contract design or construction models.


Effective Tracking

Keep track of the percentage of work completed, and stay within budget by tracking resources used.


Minimum Training

ICT Tracker is easy-to-use and quick to implement into any project.


Better Bids

Keep your bids competitve with accurate estimates.


Built for Mobility

Works with the Apple iPad for a truly mobile experience.


To win bids, you need better and more accurate labor production data. With data you can trust and visibility into real-time job site productivity and specific task output, you can now prepare better estimates with less risk.