Installation Tracking as Simple as Select . Set . Report!

Unlocking your labor productivity is the key to your profitability, but the paper-based job tracking tools we rely on today are too inaccurate to be useful anymore. 

ICT Tracker replaces these old paper options – and the expensive 3D scanning systems that have tried to replace them – with an augmented reality application loaded onto an inexpensive iPad. To capture your team’s daily progress, just scan the job site with the iPad, and ICT Tracker will quickly and accurately compare the original 3D design model to the actual progress in real time.

With ICT Tracker, contractors can accurately track construction projects, control costs, and make better decisions based on detailed, up-to-date information from the job site.

eBook: Tracking Labor Productivity in Construction: A Case for Technology

Discover how replacing manual or outdated process with job site technology can help you achieve real-time visibility into labor and project installation while improving productivity and your bottom line.

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  • How low construction productivity causes project overruns

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