Construction’s Labor Shortage Myth

How Top Contractors Attract and Retain The Skilled Labor They Need, While So Many Struggle to Fill Positions

Ryan Englin is the Founder & CEO of Core Matters where he works directly with contractors to help them find, attract, and hire the right people for the field.

With his background in marketing, strategic consulting, and human resources his simple process has allowed companies to solve most of their hiring issues in as little as 90 days.

During this presentation we answer questions like...

  • Is there really a labor shortage?

  • Why do some contractors get hundreds of applicants and others are forced to hire every 'warm-body' they can find?

  • Where do contractors go wrong in recruiting skilled labor?

  • What are some creative ways contractors can win the attention of the workforce they need?

  • How does operating in union vs. non-union environments impact recruiting?

PS… Ryan has a short video message for Project & Operations Managers.