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What Is ICT Tracker?

ICT Tracker is an easy-to-use mobile construction installation and productivity tracking software utilizing Augmented Reality or 3D Model View for data capture with your existing project models. ICT Tracker enables construction teams to benchmark field installation status and productivity rates with real-time data. ICT Tracker delivers innovative and empowering solutions to streamline work processes and enable technology for construction.


ICT Tracker Features


Real-time reports

Exportable, data rich real-time reporting of systems installed status, percentage completed, and productivity metrics


UTILIZE existing project MODELS & bim 360

Take advantage of tracking with your existing project contract design or construction models. Integrates with Autodesk BIM 360 for modeling and other data reference



Ability to generate 3D color coded visual status model for viewing in multiple platforms


Ease of Use

Incredibly simple and easy to use interface for non-technical end users that uses the Augmented Reality or 3D Model View for data capture


Works with the Apple iPad for a truly mobile experience and accessible for large, medium and small contractors 



Ability to record and report cost codes, budget tracking, crew labor size and hours, install dates and status and detailed model element properties

 “Thank you for coming up with ICT Tracker!”

I’ve been doing this for over 15+ years and am very impressed! With advancements in 5g technology and with the new upgrades to ICT, it will revolutionize the construction industry! The ability to track a project in real time with accurate data is a game changer for General and Subcontractors! We are able to take this data and figure out where our bottlenecks are and help develop better processes to make us more efficient!

Don De Guzman, Corporate BIM Director, Silicon Valley Mechanical

“This is too nice!!!”

I remember having to sit with the PM/PE and go over everything we did that week. Keeping multiple sets of colored drawings just so I could explain exactly what we did so they could understand. This is too nice!!!

Quintin Morales, Marketing Representative JATC Coordinator at Sheet Metal Workers Local 105